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Large Deep Bowl

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Elevate your home dining experience with the Big Deep Bowl. This beautifully crafted bowl showcases the natural grains and colors of the timber. Its simple, round shape brings a classic, understated style to any meal or gathering.


  • Material: Beech
  • Radius: 19 cm (7.48")
  • Depth: 9.5 cm (3.74")


Ideal for a variety of uses, from holding fresh fruits to serving a warm, hearty salad, this bowl is as versatile as it is aesthetically pleasing. Its solid construction ensures durability, while the warm wood tones provide a cozy, inviting ambiance to your table setting.

Whether you're looking for a functional centerpiece for your dining table or a charming vessel for your culinary creations, the Big Deep Bowl is a perfect choice that blends functionality with natural beauty.


  • Highlighting natural wood patterns
  • Robust and deep structure, perfect for a communal needs
  • Gentle on surfaces with a smooth base

Invite the charm of the countryside into your home with the Big Deep Bowl, a vessel that enhances the taste and the sight of your healthy treats.